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Organizational Change Architects & Behaviour Specialists

The Tuntulu Mentorship Program

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” - Benjamin Franklin

In today's competitive business environment, your organization needs to reduce turnover costs and maximize employee productivity more than ever before. A successful corporate mentoring program that helps your organization strategically attract, develop, and retain your employees can make the difference between a good talent management strategy and a great one - one that positions you far ahead of your competitors. Tuntulu has developed a 6 months corporate mentorship program which will support organizations to

  • Management development for high potential employees
  • New hire employee orientation and speed to productivity
  • Employee engagement for positions with traditionally high employee turnover
  • Knowledge transfer and succession planning
  • Workplace diversity initiatives
  • Executive leadership development
  • Work life balance

Tuntulu will (a) design and manage the programme (b) develop short term useful tools and approaches, (c) introduce a series of self-reinforcing practices to roll out the best possible corporate mentoring program as a key component of your business strategy.

The Tuntulu Mentorship Program Model