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Organizational Change Architects & Behaviour Specialists

Doing business across borders and cultures in Africa

"If we accept that culture is the enormous and dynamic structure of behaviours, ideas, attitudes, values, habits, beliefs, customs, language, rituals, ceremonies and practices peculiar to a people and which provides them with general designs for living and patterns for interpreting reality, then we cannot hope to devise an effective management approach for such people without a profound understanding of their culture. Culture is to humans (what) water is to fish. It must be a fallacy to believe that you can impose a business culture on a people and make it work perfectly without taking into account the cutlural archetypes of the people in question."

African Management: Philosophies, Concepts and Applications. Dr Reuel Khoza (edited by Christie, Lessem and Mbigi, 1994).


Tuntulu has a network of 5 local and 5 international coaches who collaborate on projects to deliver our programmes. We create the right partnerships to deliver results.

Doing business across borders and cultures in Africa comes with its own challenges at every level. Our expertise lies in soft skills development for managers to become effective across borders and organizational cultures.

Our signature coaching program is designed for middle management. Our clients have found this to have the biggest impact, as they are the crucial interface between your customers, your employees and senior management. The program addresses gaps in the effectiveness of those individuals and helps them to drive and deliver your core business.

We would like to be your partner of choice in Zambia for the roll out of specific areas of your Learning & Development model in Africa. We have an-indepth understanding of the Zambian context, business environment and people. We are able to translate this knowledge into meaningful and effective careers.

We support you to find the alignment between your corporate values, performance priorities and people.

Our clients amongst others include: